Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The month of April...

Here is a backlog of some of the days out in service in April when I also took pictures:

April 15th, the day I started this, it was a soggy day.  It wasn't raining, really, just drizzling.  We worked in some territory just outside of town.  The views ranged from forested gravel roads to a beautiful view of the mountains.

April 19th. Another overcast day.  It wasn't raining that morning in service, but it stormed that night. We went on one of my return visits off 229:

April 24th.  An absolutely gorgeous day.  We found a few people home who were very receptive.  One of the sisters got a great call that may turn out to be a Bible study right from the first call.  These are some pictures of the area we were in:

This was also the day I figured out my phone can take panoramic pictures.  Huh.

Wet and dreary days mean apartments and letter writing

I've been meaning to start this blog for a couple of weeks now. Since I am now out of work, I have been going out in service as much as I can. So when I was out in the country one day, I thought to myself that we have such lovely territory that I should take pictures of it. And then I thought of taking a picture or two every day I go out and posting the pictures for my friends who are no longer here to remember us fondly, and to keep myself encouraged about my new service time, instead of depressed at my new out-of-work time.

So that's what I'm going to do.

This is my first post, but I actually have a bunch of pictures from last week and the week before that I will be posting as well.


Today was wet and rainy, and we had a two-year-old along, so we worked in town in some apartments:


I also took a picture of a tree across the street, because I like it, and I'd like to imagine the majestic other half that has tragically been cut off:


Later, we worked in a local neighborhood because the weather cleared up a great deal.  I didn't take any pictures there, but it was exciting because the two-year-old gave a householder his first tract!

He grew tired as lunchtime approached, so his mom took him home for a nap.  When he was asleep, three of us met there to continue service with some letter writing:

Even when the weather's not great outside, we can still be blessed with a happy, fun day out in service.  Perhaps one of those letters will go to someone who really needed the encouragement just now, and will bring them some comfort.

(I haven't named names in this post because I'm not sure if my friends are okay with that yet.)