Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The month of April...

Here is a backlog of some of the days out in service in April when I also took pictures:

April 15th, the day I started this, it was a soggy day.  It wasn't raining, really, just drizzling.  We worked in some territory just outside of town.  The views ranged from forested gravel roads to a beautiful view of the mountains.

April 19th. Another overcast day.  It wasn't raining that morning in service, but it stormed that night. We went on one of my return visits off 229:

April 24th.  An absolutely gorgeous day.  We found a few people home who were very receptive.  One of the sisters got a great call that may turn out to be a Bible study right from the first call.  These are some pictures of the area we were in:

This was also the day I figured out my phone can take panoramic pictures.  Huh.

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